The course is for beginners or those who wants to freshen up their knowledge regarding the learning management system PING PONG.

The aim of the course is to provide you with a basis for using PING PONG in your teaching or in other situations where PING PONG can be a useful tool.

The course consists of two half days.

Course 18th and 25th of October 09.00-12.00
Application deadline: 8th of October

For more information please contact Anita Eklöf.

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Processing of data under the Personal Data Act (PuL)

The information in the application form will be processed in a database that the Communications Office and the Department of Educational Research and Development have access to. The purpose is to see the number of expected visitors to an arrangement in order to book suitable premises, enable course preparations etc. The information in the database may be transferred to an excel file where the data becomes searchable and forwarded to an external party such as a catering company. 

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