Other possibilities

There are more possibilities for international cooperation and exchange than those administered by the university. Please see below a short presentation of a few programmes for international cooperation in higher education.


Within the programme Erasmus+ there are several possibilities for international cooperation (except for Erasmus mobility, staff training and teaching). For example you can cooperate through strategic partnerships, knowledge alliances and joint master programmes. More information about these and other possibilities can be found at the Swedish Council for Higher Education or the European commission.

ASEM-DUO Fellowship Programme is an exchange programme for students and teachers in Europe and Asia. The cooperation takes places within Asem (Asia-Europe Meeting) and is built on reciprocity. The partner countries exchange one student or teacher in each direction and a financial support is included.
More information at the ASEM-DUO webpage


The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT) offer several different grant- and scholarship programmes in order to support internationalisation at Swedish universities. The programmes intend to satisfy different needs such as initiation of international projects, support for developing joint programmes and support for strategic internationalisation at university level. STINT intend to involve all types of researchers and teachers in all disciplines within their programmes. 
More information about STINT:s programmes