Staff training in Europe - Erasmus

Erasmus+ is an exchange programme financed by the EU and makes it possible for you as an employee of the University to receive a grant to develop your skills at another university within the Erasmus cooperation. Eligible countries are the 28 EU member states as well as Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Macedonia and Turkey. There must not be a valid exchange agreement with the receiving institution.


What can you do?

The Erasmus grant can be received for training of relevance for your work tasks / field, for example through job shadowing at another university/company/organisation or for participation in courses, seminars and workshops (not conferences though). The courses can for example be language courses for teachers teaching in English. Staff training weeks / international weeks are also possible to receive an Erasmus+ grant for. Information about staff exchanges and international weeks can be found on IMOTION. There you can find staff training activities or search for appropriate universities or organisations to job shadow.

Doctoral students have the same possibilities as other employees to apply for the Erasmus grant and the activities should be in connection to the possible professional future or the ongoing profession at the university.

The staff training must last at least two working days. University of Borås has decided to approve applications for maximum one week to enable for more staff to perform an exchange within Erasmus. You can of course stay abroad longer than one week but you can only receive a scholarship for one week.

Some organizations are not eligible to host a staff training activity. These are:

  • All EU-institutions, see http://europa.eu/institutions/index_en.htm and also note the links on the page. (The offices of the political parties are eligible hosts however)
  • Organisations dealing with EU programmes, for example national agencies like the Swedish Council for Higher Education (to avoid conflicts of interest and/or double financing)

The Erasmus grant will be transferred to your academy/department at the University of Borås after the exchange has taken place. The grant consists of one part which is compensation depending on the amount of days for the exchange (based on which country the exchange takes place) and one part aiming to cover travel expenses (please see amounts and distance calculator). It is possible to receive the daily amount for travel days as well. The Erasmus grant is a financial contribution and might not cover all the costs that might arise through the exchange.


If you are interested in an exchange please contact the head of your unit in good time before the exchange. Think of what you would like to do and where you would like to go.

Submit the internal application form and send it to the International Office exchange@hb.se. You will receive a notification if funds are available and you have one month to complete and send the Staff mobility for training - mobility agreement, the agreement with the receiving part about the more precise plans for the exchange. The completed and signed application must be submitted before the exchange period starts.


Selection criteria

The selection is based on a first come first served basis. In a situation of competition priority will be given to staff who has not taken part in the Erasmus programme before.

Do you instead want to perform an exchange as a teaching staff, you can apply for the Erasmus grant for teachers.