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Introduction day

Coming to a new workplace can be a big shift, and many questions might spin around in your head. Maybe this is the first time you work as a teacher, or the first time you work for the government? There might be many differences from your previous experiences.

Our introduction day aims to answer as many of these questions as possible. We focus on general information about the university, your employment, and the actors at the university.

During the introduction, the following issues are discussed:

  • Presentation of the University of Borås
  • What it means to be a state employee
  • How the university is governed
  • Information about employment
  • Presentation of different actors at the university, such at the student body and the library
  • Information about the trade unions, work environment, and safety representatives
  • The university’s environmental management system and integration of sustainable development into the business
  • Staff associations

Introduction day
Autumn 2017

10 October
Time: 8:15 - ca. 16:30
Lunch is included.

To register for the introduction day, please fill out the registration form at our Swedish website www.hb.se/introduktion-nyanstallda, no later than 3 October. Please observe that the introduction day is held in Swedish.
Your registration is binding.

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