The National Government Employee Pensions Board (SPV) is your pension administrator

The University of Borås is connected to the National Government Employee Pensions Board (in Swedish: Statens Tjänstepensionsverk, SPV) and its service for pension administration.

For you as an employee, this means that:

  • If you have any questions, SPV: s pension experts can answer your questions about stately service pension
  • You will receive guidance before your retirement. Seven months prior to your 65th birthday, SPV will contact you and ask about your pension planning
  • SPV will send an application and information to you when you are about to retire

Contact SPV

If you have any questions about your stately service pension, contact SPV at +46 60 18 76 00 or e-mail hb.pension@spv.se.

More information can be found on SPV: s website https://www.spv.se/en/about-your-pensions/

A selection of the information in English regarding your general pension (“the orange envelope”) can be found at Pensionsmyndigheten https://www.pensionsmyndigheten.se/other-languages/en.category.en#pm-category-filter-last-card