Important information about unpaid leave

Are you taking or are you planning to take a leave of absence or parental leave? In that case, it is very important that you apply for leave in Primula. Otherwise, you risk errors in your salary payments and, in that case, paying the wrong amount in tax, something that can no longer be corrected to the same extent as before.

From 1 January 2019, the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) will change how employers are to report income and tax information. The new rules mean that the university as an employer must each month report exactly how much they paid in salary and to whom.

This means that the employer can no longer correct taxes paid to the same extent as before. If unpaid leave is registered late, the tax taken out on your full salary cannot be corrected and refunded; the tax will only be refunded in connection with your declaration the following year (depending on your total yearly income).

For you as a worker, it is therefore important to apply for leave in Primula.  This means that your application must be submitted and approved by your manager no later than two months prior to leave being taken.

Each respective manager is also responsible for approving on time.

Salary specification and statement of earnings and tax deductions

From 2019 and on, the university will provide a preliminary salary specification. This means that from the first of every month, you can see your preliminary salary specification in Primula. This is an extra service for you as an employee to be able to monitor your future salary payment.

In late January, you will receive a statement of earnings and tax deductions for 2018. After that, no statement of earnings and tax deductions will be sent out, but from the income year 2019, the information in your salary specification will be reported each month.

Prior to the sending out the 2018 statement of earnings and tax deductions, it is a good idea for you to have verified that your postal address is correct in Primula. This is done under the menu item Personal Information.

More information

The Swedish Tax Agency has no aggregated information about how this change will affect you as an employee, but for those who are interested, there is a news article with a legal expert on individual tax declaration. Read the news article in Swedish (external link).