The University of Borås applies individual salary negotiations.

In connection with the start of your employment you are to submit your tax card and any tax adjustment decisions for the current year to your Pay Officer. Your tax card may be received by calling the Swedish Tax Agency's service phone +46 (0)20 – 567 000 or at www.skatteverket.se (external link)

Payment of salary occurs on the 25th of every month. When the 25th of any month is a Saturday, payment instead occurs on the 24th and if the 25th is a Sunday, salary will instead be paid on the 26th. In June and December, payment of salary may change date depending on Midsummer's Eve and Christmas Eve and which days of the week they occur on.

No advance payment of salary is allowed for any reason.

Your salary slip is viewable in the self-report tool Primula. With this tool you may also make name and/or address changes, request increased tax deduction, etc.