Sick leave

If you become sick you are to notify your workplace by sending an e-mail to hr@hb.se as soon as possible.

It’s also possible to call in your sick leave by phone +46 (0)33-435 43 00 (phone hours: Monday-Friday 08:30-11:30). If you are on sick leave for more than seven days, you are to send a doctor's certificate to HR-lön. You are to report in Webb-Primula yourself upon returning from a sick leave of less than 14 days.

Longer sick leave is reported by the personnel at HR-lön, who will also register you with the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (FK) and submit the first doctor's certificate to the agency. If the sick leave is extended, a copy of the doctor's certificate stating so is to be submitted to the personnel at HR-lön. The employee is responsible for submitting the original doctor's certificate to the FK (also, the health care facility in question may send the certificate directly to the FK).

Sick pay period

The first 14 days of your sick leave is called sick pay period and you will then receive sick pay from your employer. Starting day 15 of your sick leave, you will receive sickness benefit from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (FK).

Sick pay deduction is calculated as shown below:

Day 1 = waiting day 100% deduction

Day 2-14 20% deduction

Waiting day (karensdag)

Today, a regulation on a so called waiting day is in place on every workplace in Sweden. This means that no sick pay is received for the first day of any sick leave period.

There is a recurrence rule. If you become sick again within five days of returning to work from a sick leave period, the new sick leave period is treated as a continuation of the previous one. Sick pay/sickness benefit will then be calculated as if you were sick for a consecutive suite of days.

There is also a general high risk protection that reduces the number of waiting days to 10 for a twelve-month period from the first waiting day.

Workday deduction

During the sick leave period the sick pay deduction is based on workdays. The deduction is calculated on workdays per year (not calendar days). For someone working full-time, five days a week, workdays per year amount to 260 (5 x 52 = 260). The workday deduction is calculated by multiplying monthly salary by twelve and then dividing by the number of workdays per year.

Since it is the number of workdays per year that is the starting point for the calculation, work-free days within a sick leave period are subtracted from the total.

Sick pay deduction, after the sick pay period, when sickness benefit is paid is:

       For any amount of salary up
     to the price base amount
  For the amount of salary above
  the price base amount
Day 15-90       90% calendar day deduction     12,4% calendar day deduction
Day 91-364     100% calendar day deduction     22,4% calendar day deduction
Day 364-914     100% calendar day deduction     27,25% calendar day deduction

The income qualifying for sickness cash benefit (SGI) may be no more than 7,5 price base amounts. You find information about the actual price base amount on the Swedish Tax Agency webpage www.skatteverket.se