Work hours

General regulations for teaching staff

Teaching staff work hours are regulated through a local agreement for teaching staff. Total work hours per year are:

1 700 hours for 35 days paid vacation

1 732 hours for 31 days paid vacation

1 756 hours for 28 days paid vacation

General regulations for administrative and technical staff

A local Villkorsavtal agreement is in place for administrative and technical staff. Work days are set to 8 hours 45 minutes per day, normally between 08.00 and 16.45, including a 45-minute lunch break. Some work units apply a local agreement on flexible work hours. This means the employee may choose his/her own work hours within certain limits.

Part-time employees have their work hours reduced in proportion to the extent of their employment.

Registration of work hours is done in the time and attendance system Primula.


Overtime is work carried out by a full-time employee beyond his/her normal work hours per day. All overtime is to be ordered by your supervisor. The overtime ceiling is 150 hours per year. Overtime compensated only by paid leave of absence is not included in total overtime per year. Compensation for overtime may take the form of overtime pay or paid leave.

Overtime for part-time employees (additional time)

A part-time employee working beyond his/her normal work hours per day is called additional time. Additional time stretches only so far as to cover the gap of normal work hours between the part-time employment and full-time employment. The total sum of additional time and overtime may not exceed 200 hours per year. Additional time may however not exceed 175 hours per year. Compensation for additional time may take the form of additional time pay or paid leave of absence.