Procedures for internationalisation

New international partners and agreements

The Faculty of Librarianship, Information, Education and IT has set a procedure for the setting up of new international agreements, that we are advised to follow. New partners are identified, if needed by the help of international coordinators, by teachers, programme groups and study directors, well placed to identify the needs of students and teachers.  Potential agreements are then communicated with the heads of department who will give them a go and share with the Group for Internationalisation, GFI A3. This group discusses with the Dean, who will take the final decision from a faculty point of view.

Project proposals and international applications

International applications and proposals (different Erasmus+ projects, Linnaeus-Palme, Sida and other funding to international projects that are not strictly research oriented) should be communicated with the senior advisor on international affairs, since a complete picture of projects and initiatives within the faculty will benefit internationalisation and potentially create synergies. Remember to use the forms for project certificates, provided by the Grants and Innovation Office. Depending on their budget, projects need to be established within the department, the faculty and in some cases by the Vice Chancellor.

Traveling abroad

It might be of interest to your colleagues to know whether you plan to travel to a partner university. Please contact the international coordinators and the strategic advisor (senior advisor). For your international travel you might need support. Please contact the international coordnators for that.

Incoming guests

For our incoming guests to have a valuable and fruitful stay at the university, we need to provide them with a relevant programme, that gives them time for what they came for, but also a feeling of being welome on the one hand and getting new insights about our competences, research areas and educational programmes. There is a check list to use, in order to help you with the programme and practicalities. The senior advisor, as well as your head of department needs to be informed about incoming guests.