Employee survey 2019

On Monday, 4 March, we will begin our employee survey; it will take place for two weeks. The results will be used to develop and improve the university and the work environment at your workplace.

What is the goal of the survey?

The purpose of the employee survey is partly to follow up on work environment efforts as a part of our systematic work in that area, and partly to evaluate areas of development in order to improve and streamline the University of Borås as an organisation.

What is the survey about?

We will focus on the conditions in your workplace when it comes to carrying out your work tasks in a good way; how the groups work; and on the organisation's most important areas: goal quality, efficiency, leadership, social climate, participation, work tempo, work-related fatigue, employee power, employeeship , learning at work and the power to make changes, etc.

The survey is being conducted to capture employees' perceptions. The analysis is based on more than 20 years of research at the Karolinska Institute and Uppsala University. The questions that you will answer to have been scientifically found to have clear links with how we feel and perform at work. The results provide opportunities for internal and external comparisons of the areas that the survey measures.

It is important that you take the time to answer the survey. A high response rate gives a more accurate result. Therefore, answer all the questions; all are important. Although some questions may seem similar, they cover various different aspects. Give the answer that you think is best suited to your opinion.

When and how will the survey be available?

On Monday, 4 March, you will receive an email with a link. To start the survey, click on the link in the email. Your link is unique, so do NOT forward it to anyone else!

The survey will be open during the period of 4-18 March and consists of some 50 questions and takes about 15 minutes to answer. Preferably answer the questions as soon as you get access to the survey.

The survey is, of course, done anonymously. The responses to the questions are never compared with background variables, which ensures your anonymity. Information about, for example, age and gender is of interest at a university-wide level. In order for a result to be presented for a sub-question, at least eight people must have responded, and for an improvement area consisting of several questions, at least five people must have responded to give a result.

Who is the survey for?

The survey is aimed at employees who were employed as of 1 January 1 2019 and who are not entirely on leave.

How are the results reported?

The results will be presented in mid-April, first in the Vice-Chancellor's Advisory Council, and then will be presented further in the organisation to the Faculties and Professional Services, and then to the respective sections/departments during the month of May. Then, the work on each level will continue.

Thank you for participating! Your answer is important.


For technical questions regarding the survey, you should contact Springlife's support at support@springlife.se or 08-790 30 01.

For other questions, please contact hr@hb.se.