Employee survey

Beginning Wednesday, 15 March, and continuing for two weeks, employees will have the opportunity to fill out an employee survey. The results will be used to develop and improve the operations and environment at your workplace.

What is the purpose with the survey?

The purpose of the employee survey is to monitor the work environment as part of the university's systematic focus in this area. It is also to intended to evaluate the different parts of the university’s operations and identify areas for development to improve and make more effective the University of Borås as an organisation.

What is the survey about?

We will focus on the conditions that exist at your workplace when it comes to performing your duties well and how groups function as well as the university's most important areas (goal clarity, efficiency, leadership, social climate, participation, working pace, work-related fatigue, employee empowerment, teamwork , work-related learning, and the power to effect change, etc.).

The survey is conducted in order to understand employees' perceptions. The analysis is based on more than 20 years of research at Karolinska Institute and Uppsala University. The questions that you are to answer have all been scientifically found to have clear links to how we feel and perform at work. The results provide opportunities for internal and external comparisons of those areas that the survey measures.

Therefore, it is important that you take the time to respond to the survey. A high response rate provides a more accurate result. Please respond to all the questions, as they are all important. Although some questions may sound similar to one another, they cover various aspects. Give the answer that you think fits best with your perception. The analysis consists of 50 questions and takes about 15 minutes to answer.

The survey is, of course, anonymous. Anonymity will be ensured by not comparing background variables with answer categories, e.g. department.   Data on such things as age and sex are of interest only on the overall level of the university as a whole. To determine results for a sub-question, at least eight people must have responded; for an area of improvement that consists of several questions, at least five people must have answered to obtain a result.

Who can respond?

The employee survey is aimed at employees who are employed as of 1 February 2017 and who are not on full-time leave.

How do I respond?

To start the survey, please click on the link you will have received via email on Wednesday, 15 March. Your link is unique; please DO NOT forward it to anyone else.

The results will be presented at the end of April, first in the Vice-Chancellor's Advisory Council. Results will then presented to each Faculty and to Professional Services and then to each department/unit. Next, work specific to each level will proceed.


If you have any technical questions regarding the survey, please contact Springlife's support via support@springlife.se or 08-790 30 01.

With any other questions, please contact hr@hb.se.

Please answer the survey as soon as you receive it. Thank you for participating! Your response is important.