Our services

Grants and Innovation Office (GIO) provides you as a researcher support with application, financing, and contracts. You can receive support in how you prioritise and strategically move forward with your research. Together, we can determine which funding opportunities are the most appropriate for your or your research group’s project. 

Grants and Innovation Office is primarily a support function for researchers at the university. We advise and review project applications, and advise and support on innovation projects. Do you need support for your research? Contact us to book a meeting. 

Note, that project management and project coordination is conducted by the academies.

We provide specialised support in four areas:

Research advising

Research advising is a specialised advising related to the financing, design, and approach of your application. As a researcher, you can also receive help in developing and establishing networks. The research advisor monitors funding announcements and programme forms related to research financing both within and outside of Sweden. Through the research advisors, you can also contribute and influence future funding announcements and work programmes.

Innovation and collaboration support

The innovation advisor will guide and support you as a researcher in your work to push your research projects forward. You will receive methods to evaluate your intellectual assets in research, tools for validation, and advice on application. You will receive advising with an innovation advisor who has an extensive network and helps you to find the societal relevance of your research.

Accounting support

Before an application, you as a researcher can receive help with budget planning and support in interpreting the financial regulatory system. If you have questions about the project's financial issues or general questions about the rules within the EU framework program for research and innovation, you can turn here. The Finance Officer at GIO also supports administrators and accountants as well as university leadership on issues relating to research. Accounting support can be used to monitor major research applications, reporting, and auditing.

Contract support

The legal counsel provides you as a researcher with support in contract negotiation and business agreements with external partners and funders. You can receive support in drafting new contracts or help with negotiations in contract settlements related to research partnerships. The legal counsel is also included in the support around collaboration and application of research results.