Work travel

Work travel may only be commissioned by the university.


Decisions about work travel are made by your closest manager. Tickets are booked via the university’s travel agency.

Egencia Online

You can book work travel yourself with the university's travel agency Egencia. 

Telephone: 08 - 555 23 760
Hours: Monday-Friday: 08:00-17:00
Email: customer_service@egencia.se
Self-booking system: Book your work travel via Egencia using your HB login.

When contacting the travel agency, always use your HB email address as tickets and booking confirmations will only be sent to addresses ending in hb.se.

Rules and regulations

Please be familiar with the university's meeting and travel policy Mötes- och resepolicy (pdf) (Swedish only) and the university's regulations for work travel and meetings Regler för tjänsteresor och representation (pdf) and bilaga (pdf) (Swedish only) before booking travel.

Credit card for work travel

You may apply for a credit card with personal payment liability from Eurocard that may also be used during work travel. The card comes with favourable payment conditions and has no fee. Compensation for expenses in connection with work travel is paid after all costs have been accounted for in the travel accounting application Tur&Retur.

Public transportation

Contact Reception to borrow a bus card (earliest the day before your travel). Travel-free meetings and public transportation usage are encouraged by the university.


See Primula for information about booking taxis.


Please contact HR-Lön for all questions about work travel including topics not noted here, e.g. insurance, car hire, travel billing and expenses, taking a partner with you on your work travel, and so forth.