Book your business trip

Our travel agency knows our agreements and follow our guidelines. Use our travel agency to help you plan your trip. Plenty of time and efficient planning is necessary for the travel agency to propose the best solution.

All train tickets, flights and hotels should be ordered via our travel agency. For shorter trips, for example Borås-Göteborg and Borås-Varberg, you can either make an expense or borrow a travel card from the reception desk.

Travel agency

The university has an agreement with Egencia. If you contact Egencia via e-mail, use your HB address. Tickets and booking confirmations are only sent to e-mail addresses that end with hb.se.

Contact information

Telephone: +46(0)8-555 23 760 

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 08:00-17:00
E-mail: customer_service@egencia.se
Self-service: See online booking (below)

Groups & Conferences

Telephone: +46(0)31-724 59 10
E-mail: meetings.events.se@egencia.com

If you need emergency assistance outside office hours, call: +46(0)31-773 87 27 (forwarded to Aero24 and associated with a cost).

Book online

You can book your business trip using Egencia’s online self-service system. Log in to the online booking with your signature.

If you are newly employed, contact HR to get a profile.

If you have any questions, contact HR.

Refund guarantee

Egencia offers a ticket option called Travel Flex, which has a refund guarantee regardless of why you cancel the trip. Choosing Travel Flex will add an additional cost to your business trip. This option might be useful for a business trip where the ticket cost is high or if there are other factors that might cancel the trip. Ask for the conditions when you book. If you get ill, there is always some degree of refund guarantee and this is not a reason to book Travel Flex.