Tips for distance education

The information is found under the following headlines:

Background in Zoom and PowerPoint

PowerPoint information slide

Are you teaching on campus and would like to remind your students of the recommendations that apply? A PowerPoint slide has been produced with this information that you can download and add to your own PowerPoint presentation.

Download the PowerPoint with recommendations regarding the corona virus. 

(The PowerPoint consists of a headline with the text "Welcome" and then a brief text about the recommendations)

Background in Zoom

There are different background images, specific to the University of Borås, that you can use in Zoom. Download the images from the webpage Tips if working from home.

Internal tips, courses and networks

Tips and advice for distance learning

In the acitivity "HB Personal" in PING PONG you can find information, tips and advice about the use of PING PONG. All employees have access to this activity, the information is mostly in Swedish. 

To the activity in PING PONG (external link to PING PONG)

In this acitivity you can also find links to another acitivity about distance learning that PUF has created. Most information there is in Swedish but it is also possible to communicate in English if you need, there are already a few manuals in English in the document section.  

Network for flexible learning

The university has a network for flexible learning. The aim of this network is to contribute both to individual competence development and to developing common approaches and strategies, which increases the quality of distance education/distance learning. Read more about the network and how you can participate.

External tips, courses and networks

A national Facebook-group

A national network for IT in higher education has started the Facebook-group "Digital omställning i högre utbildning NU" where all lecturers can find useful information (mostly in Swedish). Go to the Facebook-group

Resources from SVERD

SVERD, the Swedish National Organization for Distance Education, has created a website where national and international resources are gathered to facilitate the transition to distance education.

To the webpage with online rescources (external link)

Useful tools for distance learning

HB Play

HB Play is a service to handle and record videos, for example lectures.

Information about HB Play (in Swedish only)


Zoom is the system for distance learning and video conference. Quick Reference Guide - information and instructions (pdf)

Read more about the system on ZOOM's website under the heading "Getting Started".

On this Swedish webpage there are also some videos with information in English. 

If you, after you've read the instructions and watched the movies, still have questions, please contact Ramon Garrote so you can make an appointment to meet through a room in Zoom called ZOOM UTBILDNING-SUPPORTContact information to Ramon Garrote.


You can log on to ZOOM without using the ZOOM client.

Sign in to ZOOM to:

  • "Join" (Connect to a meeting in progress)
  • "Host" (Start a meeting)
  • "Sign in" (Configure your account)