Bild på högskolans elbil

Car and transportation

The university have an electric car that is used mainly for purchase trips  in Borås town , transportation and postal deliveries and is mainly driven by the Campus and IT services staff.

If you need help with a delivery or need help with transportation, send your request by e-mail to  campusservice@hb.se, preferably 48 hours in advance. The car is usually used to run errands weekdays between 13:00-15:00, so if it's possible to schedule a pickup, delivery or transportation during that time, it's preferable. Possibility of transportation of passengers is available and will be carried out on request and to the extent we can.

Exceptions that other staff then the staff of Campus and IT services driving the car will only be approved for representation trips. Requests are made by e-mail to campusservice@hb.se, preferably 48 hours in advance.