Outgoing mail and deliveries

Information about how you proceed in the process if you would like to send a letter, package or larger cargo from, or order materials to the university is found below.

Outgoing mail and packages

Outgoing mail is picked up by the mail inboxes on the daily postal round. For mail that has to be picked up after the daily postal rounds in each department you can leave it in the university reception or at the Campus and IT services desk on B3 before 15:30 to get it in the outgoing mail that day.

For outgoing packages you need to fill out the form to send packages or recommended letters and attach it to the package or letter as you leave it in the outgoing mail drop or leave it in the university reception or at the Campus and IT services desk on B3 for pickup.

For deliveries in Sweden we are using Postnord, with whom the university are contract costumers. For more information about Postnords shipping services, maximum weight and more visit Postnords website.  

Outgoing deliveries

For outgoing deliveries via a carrier, contact Campus and IT services via e-mail: campusservice@hb.se so they can help with the best solution for your delivery.

Order freight to be delivered

When ordering freight to be delivered at the university, announce that the university only sign for deliveries Monday to Friday 08:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00. Pallets and larger cargo should always be delivered via the loading dock. Maximum loading height to the loading dock is 3,45 meters.  

Delivery address:
Högskolan i Borås
Järnvägsgatan 10
503 32 Borås

For more questions about the postal service and transportation contact Campus and IT services, campusservice@hb.se.