Bild på sidan för internbokning

Internal booking of university premises

The tool for booking one of the university's premises is the system KronoX. In KronoX you can search for schedules and book rooms for programmes, courses, meetings and events.

KronoX is available in a web and a client version. To login to the client interface you can open the program through the Start menu on your work computer. The web interface is found on the website kronox.hb.se as well as under the heading "Common links" on the staff web. To login use your normal user account and password.

KronoX support

If you are unfamiliar with the functions in KronoX, need help with your bookings or have any other issues contact the  support via email: kronox@hb.se.

If you want help with bookings of conferences and other bookings of the university's common rooms, please contact the reception via e-mail: bokningen@hb.se.