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The page contains information about how to get assistance from HR with questions about, for example, salaries, business travel, insurance, as well as the registration of sick leave of oneself or one's children.

Call us

Call us on the telephone: 033-435 43 00. We welcome phone calls daily from 08:30-11:30.

Email us

You can email us your questions at hr@hb.se. When you send us a question, you receive confirmation that your email has been received and that we will contact you.

Post to us

Internal post to us can be sent to "HR-Lön". External post can be sent to Högskolan i Borås, HR-Lön, 501 90 Borås.

Visit us

HR can be found via staircase T3 in the Balder building, area C600.

Questions about work travel?

Please find information about work travel here.