Sick leave for oneself or one's children

When you are ill or need to take care of children who are ill (known as VAB in Sweden, for "vård av barn" or "care of children"), you can easily register this with HR.

Register this directly to hr@hb.se or via telephone at 033-435 43 00 (we answer calls on weekdays from 08:30-11:30). Registration can also be made to a contact person from your department if there is one.

When you have registered this kind of leave, HR will turn off your telephone and inform your nearest manager. If any other people have been named as recipients of this information, they will also receive it.

Next, an errand is created that is sent to you via Primula. When you return to work, you can end this errand via Primula.

If your absence coincides with payroll processing, registration in Primula can be delayed. You will receive confirmation from Primula as soon as the errand is registered.

In the case of planned sick leave, this can be registered in Primula.