Personnel have GroupWise as their e-mail application. It is a so-called group application that contains many functions above the norm for e-mail, for example calendars.

E-mail addresses at the University of Borås are created in accordance with the following: firstname.lastname@hb.se Internally within the university it is also possible to send e-mail that is addressed only to a username.

There are different methods to either from home or on a notebook gain access to e-mail you have received. You can read/download your e-mail with the Groupwise windows client, an e-mail application that supports POP or IMAP, or with a web browser (for example Internet Explorer). Furthermore there is an easy to use web interface that can be accessed from most modern web browsers as well as WAP enabled mobile telephones.

GroupWise web interface

When you’re not at the university the easiest way to gain access to your e-mail is via the web interface located at http://mailbox.adm.hb.se. The server will automatically log out users after 45 minutes of inactivity.

NB! Your GroupWise account has its own password that needs to be entered to be able to access e-mails through the web interface. This can be done in the GroupWise client under Tools – Options – Security (Verktyg – Alternativ – Säkerhet)

Vista + Internet Explorer problem with GW WebAccess

If WebAccess doesn’t open and instead simply “stalls”, but other websites work properly, the problem can be solved by editing settings in Internet Explorer.

In Internet Explorer, open Internet Options in the Tools menu and choose the tab Advanced. Near the bottom activate SSL 2.0 and deactivate TLS 1.0