Network services

The University of Borås offers students, staff and visitors wireless connection to the internet. We recommend using Eduroam, however in case it does not work, the Web Log-In service is also available.

It is also possible to connect to the University’s network via a public data port.


Eduroam is available throughout most of the University. Eduroam is a cooperation between Universities worldwide and is available at many institutions.

For your account to work with the service, your password must adhere to the following password policy:

  • The password must be between 8-12 characters
  • The password can only contain the following characters: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVXYZ0123456789 !\"@#$%&'()*+,-[\\]^_`{|}~.

Logging in is completed with [username]@hb.se when you use Eduroam – even when visiting another university. Staff can use [signature]@hb.se

Eduroam via your mobile

If you want to use the Eduroam service to connect your mobile to the wireless network, you should log in with [username/signature]@mobile.hb.se

General settings

  • SSID (network name): Eduroam
  • Network Authentication: WPA2
  • Data Encryption: AES
  • EAP type: PEAP
  • Authentication: MSCHAP v2
  • Username: [username]@hb.se (etc. S012345@hb.se)
  • TCP/IP settings for the card (incl. DNS): DHCP

Eduroam on Windows

Win7/Win8 quick setup:

Download and run HB Eduroam setup, the software will set the correct settings for Eduroam and you can then login with "username/signature@hb.se" together with your HB password.

HB Eduroam Setup

General settings:

  • Check that the wireless network is turned on.
  • Choose to connect to the wireless network ”Eduroam”
  • After a few seconds a window will appear asking for login details. Fill in:
    • UserName: [username/signature]@hb.se
    • Password: your password (same as on the university’s computers)
    • Logon Domain: leave empty
  • When connecting for the first time a prompt about certificates will be shown. In this window you must click on “Connect” or similar. Take note that it seems as though you must click this button reasonably quickly, however if it does not work, simply attempt the process again.
  • When the computer is connected to Eduroam your username and password are saved and you will not need to log in next time you connect. If Eduroam has coverage you will be automatically logged in when the computers wireless network is activated.

Eduroam on Mac

The settings for Mac are very alike those for Windows above. No standard settings should be changed.

Eduroam on Linux

Configuration with the help of graphical tools in GNOME.

  • Choose the network ”Eduroam”
  • The standard settings that are shown should work, simply fill in:
    • UserName: [username/signature]@hb.se
    • Password: your password (same as on the university’s computers)
  • When first connecting a prompt about certificates will be shown. In this window you should check “Do not warn again” followed by “Ignore”.

Web Log-In

Web Log-In is the predecessor to Eduroam as a wireless network at UB. Students and personnel can use the Web Log-In service. The network is now primarily intended for use by guests.


  • The wireless network is called (SSID) ”HB”
  • Encryption should be disabled.
  • The connection should be setup for server assigned IP address and DNS
  • Open a web browser (Internet Explorer for example) and type in any address. If all goes well a log in page should appear.
  • To get onto the internet you must first login with your user id and password.
  • On some computers the wireless network card must first be activated. See the manual for the computer if in doubt.