Fixed telephony

The University of Borås has about 700 extensions and landlines connected to the Aastra MX-One telephone switchboard.

Telephone guide

In the telephone guide you find a guide to use your phone and extension.

Log on to the phone

The university has a number of different phone models for your fixed extension landline. All are IP phones that you must log in to use. Review the instructions to log in and log out of your IP phone (pdf).

Extensions and passwords can be obtained from Campus and IT Services. For questions about login, please contact campusservice@hb.se.

Using your phone

For calls to university staff, just enter the extension connected to that person; look under contact to find the extension of the person you are looking for. To reach Reception/Switchboard, dial 9.

For calls within Sweden call, first press 0 to get an outside line and then the number you want to dial.

For international calls within Europe, press 0 to get an outside line and then the number you want to dial, including the country code; for example, 0047. For calls outside of Europe, contact the university’s switchboard.

The user manual for your phone is available in the list of links to the manuals for those phone models the university uses.

Changing offices?

Is there an IP phone in your room, it is sufficient to log out of your extension on the phone in your old room and log in with your extension in your new room.