Trio Referral System

The university uses the referral system Trio. In addition to referring your extension, it also handles voicemail, operator features, and queues.

Referral via the web

You can refer your extension online via trio.hb.se. You will also the possibility to create shortcuts, create schedules, or search for your colleagues. A guide to Trio can be found in the link list for Trio guides.

Referral via the mobile app

Through the app Trio Referral, which can be downloaded in the App Store, you can easily refer your extension and create shortcuts for your most commonly-used referrals. At first login, enter the username and password for Trio and the server address: trioapp.hb.se. A guide can be found in the link list for Trio guides.

Referral on your phone

On most of the landlines, you can refer your extension via keystrokes. See the,  referral codes for referring your telephone extension (pdf).


You have a voicemail account connected to your extension so you can receive messages when you can’t answer your phone. You can, via trio.hb.se, specify that you want these messages sent as audio files to your email or you can dial 4451 to listen to your messages.

Forgot your login information?

Contact the service desk at Campus and IT Services if you have lost or forgotten your login details: campusservice@hb.se.