Gifts and merchandise

Gifts and merchandise can be purchased at Reception in the Balder building, Allégatan 1.

Key bands, pins and reflectors


Pin with the University of Borås logotype.
Price: 13 SEK (10,40 SEK exkl. VAT)

Office supplies

Mugs, glass and water bottles

Textile products

Ryggsäck och paraply


Backpack with the university logo. Free from phthalates and marked as environmentally friendly.
Price: 320 SEK (256 SEK exkl. VAT)


Pink umbrella with the University of Borås logotype and the text #skapadinframtidiborås.
Price: 95 SEK (76 SEK exkl. VAT)

Gifts of representation

The products are for sale only as a gift of representation (by invoice only)


Pedlar, 9 cm in brons
Price: 300 SEK exkl. VAT


Banner with the University of Borås logotype.
Price: 100 SEK exkl. VAT

Folding rule

Folding rule manufactured in the Borås region.
Price: 40 SEK exkl. VAT


This year's debutantprisbok

We can order this year's winner in Borås Tidnings Debutantpris (external link) 
Please contact kommunikation@hb.se 

Kunskapens trådar - Textilhögskolans historia (Swedish book)

Fantastic fashion images and detailed studies of textiles alternating with interiors and personal portraits.

The development of the Swedish School of Textiles in recent years is a real success story and the somewhat cocky vision of being an internationally leading educational institution for education and research and an important player in textiles and fashion - is reality in 2013. A total of 98 people have been interviewed, all from well-known Borås profiles to people who had great importance in making the Swedish School of Textiles what it is today.

Price: 250 SEK (235,85 SEK exkl. VAT)