Activities and projects for newcomers to Sweden

The university has several ongoing activities and projects aimed at helping newcomers to Sweden. Here is some brief information about the various efforts being made. If you want to know more, please contact the indicated contact person.

Internships for newcomers

According to a government ruling, government authorities are to provide internships for newcomers who are registered at Arbetsförmedlingen (the employment office). The project will last for three years and will be reported to Statskontoret (The Swedish Agency for Public Management). HR is responsible for informing managers and then creating a list of possible internships. Arbetsförmedlingen will then match appropriate job-seekers to the spots.

Contact:  Birgitta Alfraeus

Inclusive Internationalization, Fast Track for university teachers and researchers

Together with the University of Gothenburg, Chalmers University of Technology, University West and University of Skövde we are involved in a project for newcomers with a refugee background. The aim is to shorten the path to either finish a PhD-education or to a career within higher education. This is favourable for both the refugee participants and for Swedish universities, who can benefit from the high competence possessed by the particpants.

Read more about the project.

Ansvarig: Kim Bolton

Immigrant Academy

The Immigrant Academy is an ongoing element of the university where academics of foreign origin receive introduction, training, and guidance. The university has decided to accept students both during the spring and autumn terms, thus being able to accommodate around 25 additional students.

Read more about the Immigrant Academy.

Contact: Majid Jaffari

Scholars at risk

Scholars at risk, SAR, is an international network that aims to help researchers and academics who live and work in countries where war, terrorism, and/or threats to democracy are imminent. The university is a member of this network.

Read more about Scholars at risk (external link).

Contacts: Kim Bolton

Newcomer nurses

Within the Faculty for Caring Science, Work Life and Welfare, efforts related to newcomers have been ongoing since 2015. A work group in consultation with health care organisations in the surrounding region has created a possible model for knowledge and competence assessment for nurses from outside the EU/ESS who are newcomers to Sweden. Discussions about preparatory possibilities for validation and training initiatives for nurses with foreign educations are also ongoing. Another area that the group investigates is the ability to offer different types of skills enhancement training.

Contacts: Kristina Nässén

Visits to gathering places

The university visits assorted volunteer organisations that offer gathering places for newcomers to Sweden, such as Hässleholmens Church and Korskyrkan. These visits are intended to provide general information about the university and higher education as well as more specific information about education validation and Immigrant Academy.

Contact: Majid Jaffari

Konfektion 4.0

Science Park has received funding to do a feasibility study within the Swedish textile industry. It is intended to investigate the possibilities of utilising the skills of newcomers to Sweden who have professional background in the textile industry. Science Park's ambition is to offer a test and demonstration arena where new ideas are linked to practice within textile and fashion.

Contact: Science Park

Previous activities

Track for Academics

The Track for Academics is a temporary work group led by the Pro Vice-Chancellor. The purpose is to see what efforts the university can make to help newcomers to Sweden as well as coordinate the work that is done.

Student internships for newcomers

The university will make some courses available to newcomers to Sweden who want to try out or reestablish contact with an academic environment. Participants will not be counted as students but rather long-term visitors and will thus not receive formal course credit. Work is underway to identify suitable courses on the basis of their being provided in English and their instructors’ ability to make them available. The initiative is coordinated by the work group Track for Academics.  
Contacts: Veronica Trépagny

Researchers’ Café

The Researchers’ Café (Forskarcafé), which the university organises, has recently had the theme ‘Exiles and exclusion.’ These gatherings offer the opportunity to listen to lectures and discuss current issues.  
ContactJohan Sundéen

Integration Tranemo

Tranemo county has started a project related to the integration of newcomers. The purpose is to create the best possibilities for individuals to live and work in the county and an important factor for this is to have some form of occupation from the very first day. 
Contact: Tranemo Kommun.