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Three key words led to Pedagogical Prize 2018

The course team for Mechanics and Strength Properties of Textile Materials with Tomas Wahnström at the forefront is awarded Educational Prize 2018.

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University of Borås's environmental management work top-ranked

Once again, the University of Borås is placed at the top in a ranking of government agencies' environmental management work.

Now laughter is to end at the university

From today forward it will be a bit quieter at the university. This is because the Antirisus Policy has come into force.

Engagement in the budget issue

Here follows an update regarding the university's budget. Several proposals for solutions are currently being discussed by university leadership.

Evaluation of the quality system for education completed

A report was recently published by the Swedish Higher Education Authority examining the university's quality system for education.

Research is increasing, but the volume of education is...

The University of Borås is growing, yet it did not reach expected levels when it came to educational volume for 2018.

A new committee to support the interests of doctoral students

The Student Union in Borås has appointed a committee for doctoral students at the university. Amir Mahboubi Soufiani has been appointed...