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Fire alarm

Test of fire alarm

Friday, 17 August, the annual functional test of the fire alarm will occur in the Balder building.

Illustration of PAUS-project. Photo: Mostphotos

High time to apply for PAUS

To be able to participate in the first period of the PAUS project, the deadline for applications is Friday, 24 August.

Mats Tinnsten under consideration to be the new Vice-Chancellor

On behalf of the Governing Board of the University of Borås, the Chair of the Board has proposed a candidate for the post of new Vice-Chancellor.

Government decision--Borås will have a police education program

Now the formal decision has been made: the University of Borås is allowed to educate future police officers.

Agreement with the scientific publisher Elsevier to be...

The Swedish research libraries terminates the agreement with the scientific publisher Elsevier.

It is time for facade renovations

The renovation of the Balder facade starts week 18 – a work that will affect everyone at the university.

New administrative procedure for discrimination and violations

As of 26 March, the university has a new administrative procedure for cases of discrimination and harassment.

Salary-setting negotiations at the university

Salary-setting negotiations are now introduced for all university employees that are members of the Saco-S union or unorganised.

Latest research now even more accessible

Now all the university’s doctoral theses can be found at a digital information point in the library.

New director of Grants and Innovation Office

Ellen Rydberg has a background as a researcher, financier, and have worked with regional development.