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Intensive work with police training

Police training is a natural step in development of the University of Borås, and fits well into the university’s ambition of conducting and developing professional education. But what is happening in this process right now, and how does it affect me as an employee?

Jörgen TholinJörgen Tholin, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and project leader of the university’s work with the police training, answers our questions.

What is the latest news?

“The University of Borås together with the City of Borås, have announced to the government that we are interested and ready to start police training in Borås. We have come a long way in our preparations and are ready to start as early as autumn 2018, if required.”

“We are working intensively and are now preparing for submitting a notification of interest to the government by 14 November. This date is set as a deadline for universities in southern Sweden to apply for police training, but we believe it is equally important to start police training in western Sweden as well, which is why we work on submitting our notification by this date. The background is that it has been said that there will be two educational centres, one in southern and one in western Sweden. Now, the universities in southern Sweden have been invited to submit a notification of interest while the process for western Sweden is awaiting further orders. With our notification, we want to mark that we want the same conditions.”

When will we be notified, if we get the police training?

“We do not know exactly when we will be notified. As has been previously stated, the Swedish Police Authority will report to the government on 23 May about the conditions for starting police training at two additional universities in Sweden.”

“However, if we are to start the education in the autumn of 2018, we need to be notified immediately after the turn of the year.”

Will we really be able to start the education as early as autumn 2018?

“Yes, provided that we are notified immediately after the turn of the year. We have done a good preliminary work so far and we are well prepared. We know that there are premises, and soon we will be finished with the course syllabi for the first year, and we are looking at the teaching skills together with the University of Gothenburg, among others, in those areas when we do not have the competence in-house.” 

“Of course this will take efforts, but as a university we have a social responsibility to take. The police are a critical function to society, and we must all contribute to supporting this function. As a university, we are experienced to take our responsibility on short notice and educate for occupations where further skills are needed.”

21 October, Borås Tidning wrote that representatives from Linnaeus University think it is unrealistic to start in autumn 2018 – what do you say about that?

“When you read the article, it seems as if they do not think we have done a through preparatory job, but our preparations have been going on for months. Besides this, Linnaeus University has also announced that they do not think it is appropriate with more educational centres.”

How does it affect me as an employee, if we receive the police training?

“Everyone will notice the police training since the students will be integrated in our existing campus. Whether an employee becomes affected by the police training or not depends on the tasks. For example, some teachers will work with this education and there needs to be some administration, but this will be coordinated by the Swedish Police Authority. When the education has started and the numbers of students increase, we will need to hire more teachers and administrators as well as expand our premises.”

“It is also important to emphasise that if we get the police training, this will not affect the university’s budget. Police training is a contract education that the university conducts on behalf of the Swedish Police Authority.”

Are there already premises for police training?

“We have taken note of the needs for premises for this education, and we have gone through the possibilities in Borås. There are suitable premises and we have contacted property owners who will make sure that there are available premises.”

It says in the media that the places are not filled in the existing police educations, then why should we start an education in Borås?

“We believe there are completely new groups in the region who are interested in the police training but who are not able to move. For these people, Borås is an attractive alternative. There are 1.7 million inhabitants in the Västra Götaland region, which means we have a large recruitment basis.”

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Text: Johanna Avadahl
Photo: Suss Wilén
Translation: Linda Lindstedt