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2017-12-01 15:23

Call against sexual harassment in the academy

In the aftermath of #MeToo, a week ago the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet published #akademiuppropet, a call where 2,400 women in the academy demand that the sexism that women in the academy are exposed to must be taken seriously.

”At the University of Borås, we have zero tolerance for sexual harassments. It is completely unacceptable that employees or students are exposed to this, or experience discomfort or violations. I was upset by the testimonies of the call and take this very seriously. All people in the academy have a joint responsibility to prevent harassments, and we must act when we become aware of incidents. We must increase the intensity in our ongoing work of establishing a common ethical foundation, we need to spread knowledge in how to report unacceptable events, and in all contexts in our everyday work we must pay attention to subtle power exertion and clearly take a stand against unworthy and anti-intellectual jargon”, says Vice-Chancellor Björn Brorström.

If employees at the University of Borås find themselves exposed to sexual harassments, they should turn to their nearest manager or someone else that they trust.

”It is extremely important that employees file a report if something happens, and we have a formal procedure for taking care of these matters at Human Resources”, says Birgitta Alfraues, Director of HR.

“We have already started revising our routines and web pages about equal conditions, among other things due to changes in the legislation.”

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Read the call in Svenska Dagbladet: ”Visste inte om jag skulle dö – sen våldtog han mig” (only in Swedish, external link).

Text: Johanna Avadahl
Photo: Anna Sigge
Translation: Linda Lindstedt