2017-11-16 09:30

New monograph on the e-book in Sweden

Results from four years of research on the e-book from a Swedish book market perspective are now presented in the monograph Books on Screens: Players in the Swedish e-book market.

Book coverSkans Kersti Nilsson, senior lecturer in the Swedish School of Library and Information Science, and also one of the researchers and authors tells more:

“The book’s twelve chapters study the production, distribution, and reception of e-books. For example, we have conducted statistical surveys and interviewed writers, publishers, book sellers, library staff, and readers. Legal, economic, and cultural policy aspects are also covered in this book. Book releases in small-scaled language cultures are under strong influence of the Anglo-American language culture, something that the e-book may hypothetically reinforce.”

The monograph is targeted at a wide audience and has great information and topical value. Everyone interested in digital culture, in this case the book, will benefit from reading it. It will also be used as a course book for educations at the master’s level. Since it is written in English, hopefully it will reach an audience outside Sweden and Scandinavia.

The book is presented in connection to a seminar for researchers related to the field and teachers who teach about the e-book. Invited researchers from Croatia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Norway, and others, will give shorter lectures during the seminar. The goal is that the seminar will generate new research collaborations.

The results of the research project are presented by the project group consisting of Annika Bergström and Lars Höglund from the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication/SOM Institute at the University of Gothenburg, together with Elena Maceviciute, professor, Skans Kersti Nilsson, senior lecturer, Birgitta Wallin, doctoral student, and Tom Wilson, professor, from the Swedish School of Library and Information Science at the University of Borås.

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This book is a result of the research project The case of the e-book in a “small language” culture: Media, technology and effects in the digital society. The book is published by Göteborgs universitet: Nordicom. It is available on print as well as in digital format.

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Text: Solveig Klug
Translated by: Linda Lindstedt