Regarding the novel coronavirus: The University of Borås has extended yellow level until 8 November. Yellow level means that university operations are to continue but that physical contact should be minimised as much as possible. The university has moved over to online instruction as far as possible. Stay updated.

Ola Pilerot


Chairs a short paper session in multiple time zones

Some 50 people from different continents and time zones participated in a short paper session with presentations on, among other things, search engines and small children's use of digital tools. Ola Pilerot, Associate Professor at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science, chaired the session at iConference from the computer screen in...

Hello Ola Pilerot! You moderated a short paper session today. What was it about? "There were three researchers who each presented their own portion. It was partly on a small study of how teaching staff at higher education institutions search for and use open learning resources. Our former colleague, Olof Sundin, who is now at Lund University, had a theoretical, exciting contribution that was about search engines, about how search engines are all around us. Finally, a paper on the use of...