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International collaboration for long-term changes

The aim is to increase competencies, which in the long term can lead to the development of a library and information science education in Mozambique.

Illustration of bibliometrical maps and care taking situation through looking glass. Illustration by Johan Lindh.

Following the traces of research in society

He has criticised how research is being evaluated by numbers instead of focusing on assessed quality and his solution has already begun to be...

Information literacy minimizes the risks of studying abroad

The ability to find, absorb and use information in a new and foreign context is of great importance in managing everyday life in a new country.

Advancing research through partnership

Swedish and East African Schools of Library and Information Science are working together to strengthen socio-economic development in Uganda.

Tool-lending libraries strengthen the local community

What function in society does a tool-lending library fulfil ? This is one of the things Jonas Söderholm studied in his dissertation.

Technology for better ambulance care

Hanna Maurin Söderholm conducts research in information and communications technology in ambulance care. Here, she explains more about her research.

Diversity a blunt tool in cultural policy

Diversity has become one of the most important concepts in Swedish cultural policy. But what it actually means varies greatly.