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Child reading

Gives an image of the reading debate

Alarming reports on reduced reading and impaired reading abilities; this is today’s debate. Now researchers are making a historical look back.

Printed editions of the journal Human IT

20 years of unique and open access

20 years ago, the journal Human IT was founded at the University of Borås. It was one of the first scientific open access journals in the world.

New monograph on the e-book in Sweden

Results from four years of research on the e-book from a Swedish book market perspective are now presented.

Research takes the deafblind out of the dark

A garment that can act as a communicative interface for deafblind people – this is the expected result of a unique and innovative EU project.

Recognition for best paper in social media

Jasmina Maric, Senior Lecturer at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science, University Borås, Sweden was awarded last week in London.

The role of patent in scientific communication to be...

Björn Hammarfelt, researcher at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science, investigates the role of the patent as a source of...

Festive day at the university

This year’s professorial inauguration and doctoral degree conferment ceremony at the University of Borås took place 5 May.

Welcome to lectures with new professors and honorary doctor

Grab the opportunity to listen to lectures in different areas when the university’s new professors and the new honorary doctor give their lectures.

Minute’s silence at 12:00

Monday 10 April, the whole of Sweden mourns because of the attack in Stockholm. The University of Borås will at 12:00 join in the minute’s silence.

Minute’s silence

Today, Thursday 6 April, at 12:00, the University of Borås will join in the minute’s silence for the victims of the tragic bus accident in...