Studenter vid Högskolan i Borås


The University of Borås has a device, “Science for the professions”, and this will be fulfilled through cooperation with the professions within commissioned education, courses, study programmes and research.

The Swedish School of Library and Information Science is therefore focusing on developing the collaboration with the professions and the links between the study programmes and the profession. We want to cooperate with different fields/professions when it comes to the content and structure of our programmes and the demands for courses and commissioned education. Furthermore we find it important that the research carried out at the department is interesting for the profession.


If you have any questions about our mentorship project or if you want to be a mentor for our librarian students, please contact Ingrid Johansson, Amanda Glimstedt or Rolf Hasslöw.

Education Board

The education board of the department has an advisory function and is a support structure for the departments strategically development. Please contact head of school Ann-Sofie Axelsson if you want to know more about the education board.

Commissioned Education

The department offers training and commissioned education in various areas, both credit awarding courses and customized programmes. Contact Malin Utter for more information.

Profession related research

The department has several research groups, for example Social Media, Centre for Cultural Policy Research and the journal Human IT. The department holds a broad scientific competence in both qualitative and quantitative research methods and analyses. We can offer theoretic and practical knowledge of various types of investigations, methodological and theoretical knowledge and critical perspectives.

If you have any questions about profession related or commissioned research, please contact Åsa Söderlind or Jan Nolin.


Since 2001 the department has organized a national library conference together with Borås City Library. The purpose of the conference is the exchange of knowledge and experiences between education, research and profession.

Nordplus Network

Swedish School of Library and Information Science is a member of a network with similar departments in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The network is coordinated by Veronica Trépagny.