Frequently Asked Questions

How is the selection of students to the programme made?

The selection is based on higher education credits earned.

How do I receive information regarding admission and registration?

Once the selection results have been published, you will get an e-mail reminder from antagning.se to check the results on 'Your pages'. Information about registration will be sent to you by e-mail a couple of weeks before the term starts.

Do I have to accept my placement?

Yes, a couple of weeks after the selection results have been published you will receive an e-mail with information about acceptance. 

When do we start studying?

The programme starts in September, 2013. If you're not able to login in to the learning based platform PING PONG that day, please, contact Carina Waldén.

What does distance studies mean?

The studies take place in a distance mode (50% of full time studies) with meetings at the University of Borås once or twice a year. Students get access to study material and library resources through the learning based platform PING PONG.

Is it possible to combine the studies with a full-time job?

Our intention is that you can work in parallel with the studies and that it will lead to a cross-fertilization between your education and occupation. The studies are at half speed, which represents an effort to study 20 hours a week. We know from previous rounds that it is very difficult to follow the course if you also work full time. You are strongly advised to lose time at work to keep up with the studies.

Are the residential periods obligatory for this programme?

We organise two residential periods, five to ten days each, per year at the University of Borås. Attending one of them per year is obligatory (you may choose one according to your educational needs and time convenience).

Do I need a residence permit to take this programme?

No, this is a distance programme to be studied from your home country. Nationals in the majority of countries outside the EU require a visa to visit Sweden and the other Schengen countries. This is a decision reached by Sweden together with the other EU countries. For application form, please visit migration office web-page. Since this is a distance programme, studies do not give you a residence permit nor a longer stay visa (then for the time required for the residential periods). 

How much do I pay for the tuition at the University of Borås?

There are only fees for students outside EU/EEA/Switzerland.

How do we communicate?

Communication between the students and teachers is maintained mainly through the e-learning platform PING PONG. Therefore, the students must have access to a computer with broadband connection and other equipment according to the instructions on our web-site. 

What language are we taught in?

One of the requirements is to know English on an appropriate level and English will be the language of instruction during the whole programme. Even Swedish students must write all assignments, including the Master's thesis, in English.

How do I register for the next terms courses?

When it is time to register to the next term you will receive information about it in PING PONG.

How do I travel to Borås?

Borås is situated in Western Sweden, with Gothenburg Landvetter airport nearby and with good railway communications. To Borås you can travel by car, buss, train or air. More information about travelling to Borås

Where do I stay in Borås during the residential periods?

Borås has a couple of youth hostels as well as other budget accommodation possibilities. More information about accommodation.

What do I do if I want to have a study break?

Contact inst.bhs@hb.se. It is important that you let us know as soon as you decide not to continue with your studies. 

Is it possible with full-time studies in the programme?

If you have a wish you may speed up the studies by taking courses offered in parallel during the respective terms. Thus, you can finish your studies in three or even two years instead of four years. If you wish to take parallel courses, contact inst.bhs@hb.se

How do I get my degree when I have finished the programme? 

You must apply for a diploma. Application is made on a designated form that can be downloaded or ordered from the degree certification office.