EXIT19 5th of june

Save-the-date for 5th of june 2019. There will be a catwalk, sustainability and festivities intertwined. Restaurant Balder and The Company are open and will serve both food and beverages.

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Set times:


Dean of Faculty Ragne Emardson inaugurate EXIT19


Textile Management open the store of the future.
Location: Gallery, Textile Fashion Center

Textile Design’s Exhibition TXTL opens.
Location: Floor 2, Textile museum

The engineering department’s poster exhibition. Take a tour of all the exiting studies. Feel free to mingle with the students and ask questions. The engineers will also have their own gathering where there will be acknowledgments as well as prices and diplomas.
Location: Floor 2 (DoTank Center), Textile Fashion Center

Seminars and poster exhibition of the business student’s examination jobs.
Location: Floor 3 and 4, Textile Fashion Center

Textile Value Chain management, Fashion Marketing and Management as well as Textile Management will host a poster exhibition. Browse the exciting works and mingle with the students.
Location: Floor 1 and 2 at Textile Fashion Center

Design Technicians show their thrilling visualizations and creations.
Location: Floor 2, Textile Fashion Center

What's it like to study and live in China? The students from Business Informatics with specialisation in International Marketing and IT answers the question with a photo exhibition. Don't miss out!
Location: Floor 1 in Textile Fashion Center


Cross Sustainability
Panel and seminar where students from both engineering and design discuss sustainability.
Location: DoTank, floor 2, Textile Fashion Center


Fashion show by Fashion design students.
Location: Borås Congress

Restaurant Balder is open throughout the day with a special EXIT menu. Coffee and dessert is included! The Company is also open and will be serving coffee, food and drinks.
There will be more surprises and goodies during the day in Textile Fashion Center. Bring your friends and family, have a tasty lunch, sit for a while on the newly renovated courtyard and see all the exiting things taking place at the University of Borås.