Picture from 1970

Jubilee day

We celebrate the textile educations’ 151st anniversary!

There will be exhibitions, guided tours, workshops, and a concert with Movits! Come celebrate with us!

Date and time: 7 September, 13:00-21:00 (inauguration at 15:00)
Location: The Swedish School of Textiles, Skaraborgsvägen 3, Borås
40 + 151 years
7 September we also celebrate the University of Borås’s 40th anniversary. Celebration of the textile educations is a part of this festive day. See the entire programme.


13:00-15:00 Guided tours of the Swedish School of Textiles

Take the chance to see the unique milieu of the Swedish School of Textiles at a guided tour of the house. The tours start at the entrance of the Swedish School of Textiles every half hour. The last tour starts at 14:30. Tours in English can be arranged as needed.

15:00 Opening of weaving exhibition – The Textile museum 

The textile educations celebrate 151 years with exhibitions, film shows, and workshops. One of the exhibitions is at the textile museum where Väfskolan (“the weaving school”) and the weaving education are in focus. Archival materials, student projects, fabric samples, and exciting stories will be displayed, including the gold fabric for Queen Margareta’s dress, Birka material, and the first reproductions of Tutankhamun’s clothes. The exhibition is open 7-10 September.

The Siri Derkert exhibition is also open.

15:00 Cake – floors 1 and 2, Textile Fashion Center

In connection to the opening of the weaving exhibition, cake and coffee will be served.

17:00 Startup mingle – Textile Fashion Center, courtyard

Come and load up for the evening’s concert with Movits! Food trucks and restaurants will be serving food and drinks at the courtyard so you can start loading up for the concert.

19:00 Movits! – Textile Fashion Center, courtyard

The concert with Movits! starts.