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Textile fibres

New test prepares future master’s students in textile...

Students applying for the master’s programme in textile engineering at the University of Borås can now take a digital test prior their application.

David Goldsmith

Is it sustainable just because it is handmade?

There is a blurry line between between marketing and actual definitions, and that is what David Goldsmith explores in his upcoming thesis.

Textiles that behave abnormally is Ana’s field of research

Ana Ines Rodrigues is the newest PhD-student to join the ArcInTexETN programme. Ana is researching textiles that act "abnormal".

Curiosity that pushes the limits of the mind

Basic research, the unconditional search for new knowledge can result in unexpected applications that may change society.

Smartly dressed in 100 percent Swedish paper

A dress made of paper from Swedish forests. A new innovation project aims at enabling textile production of raw material from the pulp industry.

The Swedish School of Textiles at London Fashion Week

The bachelor and master students in fashion design show their degree work at London Fashion Week.

Research takes the deafblind out of the dark

A garment that can act as a communicative interface for deafblind people – this is the expected result of a unique and innovative EU project.

A new sanitary pad that can change lives in developing countries

A reusable sanitary pad that could change everyday life for women in developing countries is being developed at the Swedish School of Textiles.

This is how traceability in textiles can be integrated

Black and white threads, with different dense twists that form a pattern in a woven or knitted piece of fabric, can be used as a traceable tag.

New methods in textile production can improve the environment

A new research project will develop methods for dyeing and finishing textiles. The purpose is to reduce wastewater from the dyeing companies.