The history of the University Library


The library is founded in connection with the moving of the School of Library Science to Borås in the Autumn of 1972. The collection consists of 13000 volumes which is inherited from the earlier Public Library education in Solna.


The college reform 1977 leads to the library becoming responsible for providing literature for the other two university  education programs in Borås: Pre-school teacher and Recreation leader education, together with the fast growing separate courses.


The library joins LIBRIS (a national search service) and starts to catalogue recent acquisitions in LIBRIS. Ten years later the whole collection is inserted in LIBRIS.


The university moves to the newly built Balder block. On account of this, the library resources-spread out over twenty different locations- are gathered in one place (2000 square metres). The new library fills two purposes; one library for the whole school and training and hands-on session place for the library education. During 1972-1982 the activities on the library is characterized by major deposits to build the collection of literature and catalogues. The growth is approximately 100.000 volumes.


The School of Textiles moves to the newly built former Algot block. A branch library (70 square metres) is established during the Autumn semester.1992
the main library is extended with 200 square metres. The library system TINLIB is up and running. The TINLIB system changes name to BALDER (Borås Automatic Library System – Effective Retrieval).


The second extension of the main library, The School of Health Sciences, moves into the Balder block and the two libraries are integrated. Purchase and implementation of a new library system; Voyager, in cooperation with Kalmar, Växjö, Örebro and Lärarhögskolan i Stockholm is done.


Planning for a new main library begins, which is to be situated near the new university building which is supposed to be initiated in January 2002.


The School of Textiles is rebuilt and the branch library moves to a new section.


the university board makes a decision about a new main library building at Sandgärdet.


the main library moves to a newly built building (6000 square metres) and opens on the 2nd of August.


The branch library at the School of Textiles moves into the main library.


Library & Learning Resources is extended with the new department Student Services.
Borås Academic Digital Archive (BADA) is up and running. The software DSpace, a free Open Source program, is also used by four other universities in Sweden.


The collection moves into the main library when the School of Weaving (Väfskolan) closes.


Major changes concerning the premises of Library & Learning Resources. This affects the shelving of the books, self-check-out, self-check-in, placement of the information points and more.


The organization is extended when CLU, which used to be a separate unit at the university, becomes a part of Library & Learning Resources.

During the summer of 2012 the library changed classification system from SAB to Dewey. Almost every book in the library gets a new classification code, and also a new location.


Library & Learning Resources dissolves in conjunction with the University's organisational change. The University Library is a department within the administration from 1 July 2014.