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2019-06-25 11:00

New Open Access agreement with Springer Nature

The University of Borås already has several so-called offset agreements with publishers that allow researchers to publish themselves openly in the publishers' journals without having to pay any publishing fee. An additional agreement for Open Access is now added.

From 15 July researchers at the University of Borås, can publish open access in more than 500 journals from Springer Nature, free of charge. This due to a newly signed agreement between the national Bibsam consortium and Springer Nature. The agreement creates opportunities to publish without charge in the journals included in the following collections:

The cost of the agreement is shared equally between research financiers and research institutions. The research financiers Vetenskapsrådet, Forte, Formas and Vinnova is paying half the cost, while the other half is distributed among the 31 higher education institutions that have chosen to join the agreement.

Previously, the university has agreements with publishers Taylor & Francis, IOP and Springer (SpringerCompact).

If you have questions about how it works to publish through the agreement, you are welcome to contact Signe Wulund.

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More information about the different offset agreements the university has access to.

"Univer­si­ti­es and funders share cost of publishing in new agre­e­ment" – press release from the National Library (external link).

Text: Katharina Nordling
Photo: Maya Karmon