Regarding the novel coronavirus: Due to the government's recommendations, the University of Borås has moved over to online instruction. This is valid until the end of the term on 7 June. Stay updated.

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Teaching information seeking

The University Library offers courses in information seeking as an integrated part of educational programmes at the University of Borås.

Teaching according to the Borås model

The teaching is planned according to the Borås model, together with the programme managers and course coordinators at the institutions. It aims to support students in developing information literacy skills. To achieve the best results the education has to be integrated into regular courses and recur several times with increased severity. It is important that there is a study assignment in the course that can be linked to information seeking. These sessions of teaching and training are free of charge. Education is also offered on Second level education and to researchers, teachers and other staff.

The importance of being able to seek and evaluate scientific information is emphasized in the Higher education act (SFS 1992:1434), chapter 1, section 8.

Overall goal

Our overall goal of teaching information seeking on First level education is for students to develop an analytical and reflecting approach in their relation to information, sources of information and information seeking. Our intention is to collaborate with the institutions to meet the goals of the Higher education act, learning outcomes and make it possible for the students to follow the development of knowledge in their future professional field.

Other teaching

The University Library also offers, on request, lectures, workshops and tutorials in information seeking, both to internal and external customers.

For more information and costs, please contact the teaching librarians at the University Library.