Course content

Our Courses in information seeking are usually stepwise divided into three occasions as an integrated part on first level education. Recurrent education and thereto increased knowledge of subject support students in developing information literacy skills.

Students in different academic disciplines have different research needs, both while studying and as professionals. To achieve the best results faculty and librarians collaborate on a shared commitment according to the Borås model.

The levels below represent a progression in course content and are examples of courses in information seeking on first level education.

Level 1

Introduction to the library's website and information resources
General information retrieval in different types of information sources and services such as the discovery tool Primo and databases relevant to the topic.
Information seeking on the web - Google Scholar
Introduction to scientific publications and how they are organized
Interpreting of citations
Basic knowledge of source criticism

Level 2

Search techniques and search strategies using boolean search and search history
Information retrieval of peer review publications 
Deeper knowledge of information retrieval in Primo
Information retrieval in databases relevant to the topic
Introduction to the thesaurus systems

Level 3

Systematic information retrieval in databases, eg thesaurus construction and use
Search history and citation indexes
Deeper knowledge of scientific publications and various types of publications
Reference management software - EndNote
Organising and documenting the search process