Return books

After the loan period is finished you should return your books to the library.

Which books can be returned here?

All the books you have borrowed from our library should be returned here. Interlibrary loans which have been borrowed out to you here should also be returned here. We deliver books back to the right libraries.

If you have borrowed a book from the Borås City Library or any of its branch libraries you should return the books there.

Where do I return books?

The library has a machine for returning books. It is located outside of the library on the right hand side from the library entrance. You can return books even when the library is closed. Observe though that if the university building is closed you will need to have your tag with you.

What do I do if I cannot come to Borås to return a book?

If you cannot come to Borås to return a book you can send it back to us via mail. You should use the following adress:

Högskolan i Borås
The Library
50190 Borås