Print and copy

In the library premises there are multifunction printers that can print, copy and scan.

The printing system uses Print and Collect. This means that you print to a print queue (named Print-And-Collect) and the choose which machine you want to retrieve your printout from. To retrieve your print, you must authenticate yourself with your keycard. Your prints remain in the system for 48 hours, then they are deleted.

The library has 7 multifunction printers deployed on the different floors (floor 2.5 lacks a multifunction printer).

If you need help or more information about the printing system, please contact the Information Points at the Library.

Adding to your account

To print you need to have prints on your account. You fill your account on Papercut (Please note that you do not need to create an account with PayPal to be able to fill in their account). In Papercut you can also se where your prints are and your printing history.

Print from your own laptop

If you have a laptop with you, you can print directly from it, limited to the Office programs and PDF. Log in to  Papercut  with your regular login and password, choose Web print and upload the document.


It is possible to scan on multiple machines. Partly on the multifunction printers, but also on a flatbed scanner. The flatbed scanner is placed on floor 1. The scanner can handle originals up to A4.