Access to e-resources from home

Information on how to get access to the University Library’s e-resources from outside campus.

Login to databases and e-resources

To be able to use the library’s databases and e-resources when you are outside of campus, for example from home, it’s important that you start of from the Library website. The links to e-resources from the University Library website are created in a way that let you identify yourself as a user from University of Borås.

When you choose a database by clicking the link, you are asked to login. Use your University of Borås user credentials to do so. All databases and e-resources with a linked title are accessible when you are outside of campus. You will find them on the web page Search information, for example:


  • If you have problems in accessing a database, please contact the University Library, phone: 033-43335 40 50, e-mail: biblioteket@hb.se.
  • If you have problems with your user credentials, please contact Campus and IT services.