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Open Access

Open Access means free access to research results on the Internet, which implies that everyone may read, cite, download and print scientific articles free of charge. You can find information about Open Access, what it is and Open Access publishing under these pages.

Publish Open Access free of charge - BIBSAM's offset deals

Through its membership in the National Library's BIBSAM consortium, the University of Borås has access to so called "offset deals" with scientific publishers. These deals allow authors to publish articles with open access without paying any APC fees. See which publishers and journals are included in the offset deals here.

More about open Access

The Berlin Declaration defines Open Access (OA) as “immediate, permanent, free online access to the full text of all refereed research journal articles". It was signed by representatives for leading research institutions in October 2003. Among others Swedish Research Council and Swedish National Library and The Association of Swedish Higher Education have signed the initiative.

Open access serves to get free access to research for everyone. It is regarded as wrong that taxpayers, universities and other higher education institutions have to pay for the research several times within the initiative, which they do by:

  1. universities finance research. 
  2. researcher work as reviewer for the publisher without getting paid by them. Instead reviewing is done on time paid by the university. 
  3. university libraries must buy back published results from a publisher as print or e-journals so that the researchers and students are able to continue their research and studies

The first big initiative for Open Acces was the Budapest Open Access Initiative from 2002 which defines Open Access. This initiative was followed up by the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities.

SPARC, Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, is working for Open Access and free access to scientific publications in Europe. It is an organization for European research libraries, library organizations and research institutions.

Openacccess.se from Swedish National Library is working for Open Access in Sweden. Their aim is to promote access to research produced by researchers, teachers and students in Swedish Universities and higher education.

OASIS is a web site for practical tips to implement Open Access for different audiences such as researchers, students, libraries, publishers, research funders and general public.