Publish Open Access

There are a couple of different ways to make your research freely available. Usually a green and golden road is mentioned in this context.

Why publish Open Access?

There are benefits to Open Access. You as a researcher will get access to even more research, several more will get access to your research and this will lead to more readers and your research might get mentioned in academic blogs, Twitter and news. You might even receive more citations and become more known within your area or research. Open Access publishing means also that you retain rights to your own work.

Open Access benefits you as a research but it also benefits other; students, libraries, research community as a whole and the general public. Everyone with internet connection gets access to the material they need whether they are students or researcher. Libraries benefit from Open Access because we can make even more resources available for you and at the same time have database and other resource costs under control.

Rector’s Resolution on Publishing says that those publications which are produced in projects which have received economic or support from University of Borås presupposed to make their publications available in DiVA.

Roads to Open Access

Green way refers to parallel publishing or self archiving. It means that when you register your publication in DiVA you also deposit a fulltext copy of your text. In other words, you make a copy of already published text available in an open archive. Most publishers allow this, at least after a specific time period called embargo period. Embargo time varies often between six and twelve months, sometimes extending to 18 months. The technical areas and sciences often have a one year embargo; the longer embargo often applies to Social Sciences and Humanities. The differences may be contributed to the different citation and publishing traditions.  

Self archiving means that you make your publications available via DiVA. Many publishers allow you to deposit preprint or postprint. Preprint is the version of you publication which has not yet been peer reviewed. Postprint means that you can deposit the version which has gone through peer review but it does not have the publisher’s layout yet. The reason to self archive is to increase visibility for research which might increase citations you receive.

Golden road means that work is published in an OA-journal. This means that you choose to publishing in a journal which has article processing charge, APC. APC means that the author pays a fee to get his/her text published. This fee varies from journal to journal. The use of APC is one reason the market for predatory publishers and journals has grown during the last few years.