Support for publishing in pure Open Access journals

The University of Borås has instituted a temporary Open Access (OA) Fund in order to in order to stimulate and drive the change toward open science. The funds were originally reserved to pay for license agreement with Elsevier. The University Library will administer the fund.

The OA Fund is currently closed.
During the period November 2018 - February 2019, it funded 16 OA publications. 

BIBSAM (the consortium which negotiates license agreements for electronic journals and databases for Swedish HEIs) and Elsevier were unable to come to an agreement on cost of Elsevier's journal subscription. Therefore, the license agreement was terminated in June. Negotiations about the future of the agreement are on-going. However, currently those funds reserved for the Elsevier license agreement in the University media budget will be placed in an Open Access Fund following a Vice-Chancellor's decision.

This means that University researchers have the opportunity to apply for reimbursement to cover costs for publishing in pure open access journals. The funds are granted on a first come, first served basis, but some criteria needs to be met. For more, please see below.

Articles must meet the following criteria:

  • Article must be published in pure open access journals, i.e. journals which make all articles available to read for free without an embargo period. Hybrid journals (subscription based journals which charge fees to make individual papers available) are not covered by the Open Access Fund. The Library has other so called offset agreements which cover publication charges in certain publishers' hybrid journals, e.g. Springer. Read more.
  •  As corresponding author you must have an active HB-ID, use an email address with the @hb.se domain, and have specified "University of Borås" as part of your author affiliation.
  • The Library reserves the right to grant or refuse applications after a quality control of the journal. The journal should comply with OASPA criteria, DOAJ criteria, and be included in the Norwegian list or the Danish list.
  • The University's OA Fund will not cover publication charges if the applicant other grant funding available to cover such costs. Please use any existing funds set aside for publishing charges before applying to use the University's OA Fund. Researchers will be asked to confirm that they do not have any other publication funds available as part of the application process.
  • Book chapters in Open Access anthologies can receive funds in those cases where quality control deems the publisher to be compliant with i.e.  OASPA criteria.  
  • If the article has been accepted for a publication, the fee for publishing should not have been paid.

Further information:

  • The maximum grant per publication is 30 000 SEK 
  • The fund will cease when the reserved amount of money has been used up
  • Funded articles should be registered in DiVA upon publication.
  • Notice of acceptance/refusal will be given to the applicant within two weeks of application.
  • Refusals cannot be appealed.
  • Funds will not cover non-OA fees such as color or page charges.