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Publish research

Since publishing is an important part of research process we have gathered information regarding publishing and Open Access in one place.

It is important choose the right channel to publish your research results in because it is important to get maximal distribution for those results. The publishing world is slowly changing which makes choosing a channel even more important. It might be difficult to choose a journal which is read by your peers or your audience, which fulfil the demands from research funders for Open Access and what the publishers allow. Then there is also the Vice-Chancellor’s resolution on publishing at University of Borås to follow.

This part of the library web aims to answer some questions you might have about choosing a journal, how you get an ISBN, how your post or nail your dissertation and what is needed of you before you have your public defence of your doctoral thesis.

Open Access is an important aspect of publishing and there are many research funders which require that the research publications which come from projects they fund must be made publically and freely accessible online. University of Borås recommends you to publish Open Access. Read more why and how Open Access publishing is important.

The University Library is also responsible for the university’s publication database DiVA.