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ORCID is an international non-profit organisation with the purpose to create a global registry of unique identification numbers, connecting researchers with their research.

The ORCID can make it easier to make citation searches. Since it is easier to manage different spelling variations and to avoid people with the same name. To make your ORCID work in Scopus and Web of Science you need to connect it to the database different ID's. You can do this as you register you ORCID. An example on how a finished ID might look you can find on Mikael Skrivfars profile: http://orcid.org/0000-0002-6596-8069 

The scientific research council and Formas & Forte demand that you have an ORCID for you to be able to create an account and search for funding in their grants system  Prisma. More and more organisations start to make ORCID a integrated part of the publishing process many universities and publishers like Elsevier, Thomson Reuters, Springer. The University of Boras has decided that all researchers and doctoral students should have an ORCID (dnr 117-15).

You have to create your ORCID by yourself. You start by navigating to the ORCID webbpage orcid.org and register. The more information you connect to you profile the clearer it is that this id-number belongs to you. You can manage your page and make the information up to date when changing university.

If you are unsure how to get your ORCID se the guide How to get an ORCID 2015-04-16.

Send you ORCID to the library and we can connect it to your publications in DiVA. If you need any help contact Kristofer Karlsson or Pieta Eklund.