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Publishers' terms

When your article has been accepted for publication you will be asked to sign a publication agreement.

This agreement varies from publisher to publisher but often they have one thing in common which is that you transfer your copyright to the publisher. When you transfer your copyright you may not do what you want with your article. Thus, it is very important that before you sign the agreement read it and see what rights you have after signing. It is e.g. important that you may use your articles in your doctoral thesis later. The Library and University of Borås would prefer to see that you keep your right to self-archive in BADA, either directly after publishing or after an embargo period. Embargo means that you should not self-archive your article until six, twelve or 18 months after publishing.

In SHERPA/RoMEO you can check publishers’ regulations. SHERPA/RoMEO is an international co-operation with many contributors and is at the moment financed by JISC. They use colors and standard text to signal regulations and rules of the publishers.

Green means that you can make your pre-print, post-print even the publisher’s version available in an institutional repository. Pre-print refers to the version of your article which has not been peer reviewed while post-print refers to the version which has been through a peer review and you have revised it but the publisher has not yet set their layout on it. The content of the article is the same as the one published by the publisher; it is only the look the look that differs. Blue means that you may make post-print or publisher’s version available and yellow means that you can make pre-print available. White means that they do not support self-archiving.

You can use author addendum and attach it to the publication agreement to make sure that you do not transfer your copyright.